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BOA-3 Blue Bayou

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BOA-1 Blue Waters

​BOA-5 Rose Water​

The pink is so translucent that I spray painted the threads of the Chrome Opener with Pink Spray Paint to give a cleaner look.  It's a small detail, but I believe that can't be over looked!

Our bottle openers are built to order.  You have your choice of wood or acrylic, and wax or CA-finish, and color/design choice.  Just go to our "Contact" page and submit your request and we will work with you to make sure we build what you want!  (Pricing will vary depending on the materials, design and finish selected.)  Wood items can be finished with wax which gives a matte finish look, or with CA which gives it a very shiny look.  It's all a matter of preference.  Acrylic items get an acrylic finish which gives it a shiny look.

BOA-4 Ghost Trails

Right after we opened I gave this to my 26 year old Nephew who is part of a 400 Beer Club, and after MUCH USE he says "It's the BEST BOTTLE OPENER I've ever owned!", and it hasn't failed him yet.

BOA-6 All Hallows

Don't be afraid to add this to your Halloween Traditions.

BOA-2 Ghost Trails with Fire Department Emblem

BOW-1 Cocobolo With Wax Finish and US ARMY Emblem

Here are some examples of what we can do:

BOW-3 Bocote Wood With Wax Finish

BOW-2 Olive Wood with US NAVY Emblem

While turning the Olive Wood it was actually so aromatic we went out for Italian that night

BOA-7 Green Goblin

The purple and green combination is one of my wife's favorites!  

BOW-4 Olive Wood with US NAVY Emblem

Bottle Openers