BSW-5 Blue with White Swirl

BSA-4 Black With White Smoke Rings

BSW-3 Birds Eye Laminate

BSA-9 Blue With White Highlights

BSA-3 Blue Bayou


BSA-8 Purple Neon

BSW-11 Natural Wood Finish with Cat

BSA-2 Green Grape

BSA-4 Showing The Fire Department Emblem


BSA-10 Green with Owl

PST Woodcraft by Design


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BSA-1 Acrylic Leopard

Santa Fe Family


BSW-6 Oasis

BSW-9 Santa Fe Wood With Natural Finish

BSA-6 With Green Grape Jewels

BSA-7 Light & Dark Blue


Our bottle stoppers are built to order.  You have your choice of wood or acrylic, and wax or CA-finish, and color/design choice.  Just go to our "Contact" page and submit your request and we will work with you to make sure we build what you want!  (Pricing will vary depending on the materials, design and finish selected.)  Wood items can be finished with wax which gives a matte finish look, or with CA which gives it a very shiny look.  It's all a matter of preference.  Acrylic items get an acrylic finish which gives it a shiny look.

BSW-2 Santa Fa Wood with CA Finish

Here are some examples of what we can do:

Bottle Stoppers

BSW-7 Southwest

BSW-8 The Milk Chocolate Drop

BSW-4 Santa Fa Wood with CA Finish


Still going strong, and being married to a turner my wife puts it through it's paces.

BSW-10 Southwest with Cat