PST Woodcraft by Design

All our wood lawn ornaments and signage are custom built to order.  Here are just a few examples of what we can do:

Our friend's daughter does gymnastics and wanted something to hang her medals and ribbons on.

Looking to fill an odd-shaped space and can't find the right thing to fit?  Or are you looking for something with your own personal touch and color/design?  Give us a call.  We will custom build to order.

Wood Lawn Ornaments & Signage

This sign was made for a group of ladies that go camping every year -- no men allowed.


Another satisfied customer!

This sign was made for a cabin in the north woods. 

5 Ft. Lighthouse to cover a well head.

Contact us at (847) 840-4012 or

The only hardware in this cabinet are the hinges, handles and feet.  There are no screws or nails - everything was joined using biscuits.


Cat Tree

(Cat beds, toys and cat not included.)